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Singin' in the Rain

Directed by Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly | 103 min | 1952|

A silent film production company and cast make a difficult transition to sound.

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West Side Story

Directed by Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise | 152 min | 1961|

Two youngsters from rival New York City gangs fall in love, but tensions between their respective friends build toward tragedy.

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Duck Soup

Directed by Leo McCarey | 68 min | 1933|

Rufus T. Firefly is named president/dictator of bankrupt Freedonia and declares war on neighboring Sylvania over the love of wealthy Mrs. Teasdale.

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A Hard Day's Night

Directed by Richard Lester | 87 min | 1964|

A 'typical' day in the life of the Beatles, including many of their famous songs.

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An American in Paris

Directed by Vincente Minnelli | 113 min | 1951|

Three friends struggle to find work in Paris. Things become more complicated when two of them fall in love with the same woman.

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Directed by Bob Fosse | PG | 124 min | 1972|

A female girlie club entertainer in Weimar Republic era Berlin romances two men while the Nazi Party rises to power around them.

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My Fair Lady

Directed by George Cukor | 170 min | 1964|

A misogynistic and snobbish phonetics professor agrees to a wager that he can take a flower girl and make her presentable in high society.

La La Land

Directed by Damien Chazelle | PG-13 | 128 min | 2016|

A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.

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A Star Is Born

Directed by George Cukor | 154 min | 1954|

A film star helps a young singer and actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career on a downward spiral.

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Top Hat

Directed by Mark Sandrich | 101 min | 1935|

An American dancer comes to Britain and falls for a model whom he initially annoyed, but she mistakes him for his goofy producer.

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The Band Wagon

Directed by Vincente Minnelli | 112 min | 1953|

A pretentiously artistic director is hired for a new Broadway musical and changes it beyond recognition.

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Yankee Doodle Dandy

Directed by Michael Curtiz | 126 min | 1942|

A film of the life of the renowned musical composer, playwright, actor, dancer, and singer George M. Cohan.

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Directed by Carol Reed | G | 153 min | 1968|

A young boy runs away from an orphanage and meets a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor.

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Carmen Jones

Directed by Otto Preminger | 105 min | 1954|

Contemporary version of the Bizet opera, with new lyrics and an African-American cast.

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Moulin Rouge!

Directed by Baz Luhrmann | PG-13 | 127 min | 2001|

A poet falls for a beautiful courtesan whom a jealous duke covets in this stylish musical, with music drawn from familiar 20th century sources.

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All That Jazz

Directed by Bob Fosse | R | 123 min | 1979|

Director/choreographer Bob Fosse tells his own life story as he details the sordid life of Joe Gideon, a womanizing, drug-using dancer.

The Jazz Singer

Directed by Alan Crosland | 88 min | 1927|

The son of a Jewish Cantor must defy the traditions of his religious father in order to pursue his dream of becoming a jazz singer.

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Directed by Rob Marshall | PG-13 | 113 min | 2002|

Murderesses Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart find themselves on death row together and fight for the fame that will keep them from the gallows in 1920s Chicago.

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42nd Street

Directed by Lloyd Bacon | 89 min | 1933|

A producer puts on what may be his last Broadway show and, at the last moment, a chorus girl has to replace the star.

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A Night at the Opera

Directed by Sam Wood, Edmund Goulding | 96 min | 1935|

A sly business manager and two wacky friends of two opera singers help them achieve success while humiliating their stuffy and snobbish enemies.

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Directed by Vincente Minnelli | 115 min | 1958|

Weary of the conventions of Parisian society, a rich playboy and a youthful courtesan-in-training enjoy a platonic friendship, but it may not stay platonic for long.

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The Broadway Melody

Directed by Harry Beaumont | 100 min | 1929|

A pair of sisters from the vaudeville circuit try to make it big time on Broadway, but matters of the heart complicate the attempt.

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The Great Ziegfeld

Directed by Robert Z. Leonard | 176 min | 1936|

This biography follows the ups and downs of Florenz Ziegfeld, famed producer of extravagant stage revues.

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Dancer in the Dark

Directed by Lars von Trier | R | 140 min | 2000|

An east European girl goes to America with her young son, expecting it to be like a Hollywood film.

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Directed by Bill Condon | PG-13 | 130 min | 2006|

A trio of black female soul singers cross over to the pop charts in the early 1960s, facing their own personal struggles along the way.

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Fiddler on the Roof

Directed by Norman Jewison | G | 181 min | 1971|

In prerevolutionary Russia, a Jewish peasant contends with marrying off three of his daughters while growing anti-Semitic sentiment threatens his village.

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Guys and Dolls

Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz | 150 min | 1955|

In New York, a gambler is challenged to take a cold female missionary to Havana, but they fall for each other, and the bet has a hidden motive to finance a crap game.

Les Girls

Directed by George Cukor | N/A | 114 min | 1957|

After writing a tell-all book about her days in the dance troupe "Barry Nichols and Les Girls", Sybil Wren (Kay Kendall) is sued for libeling her fellow dancer Angele (Taina Elg). A Rashomon...

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Les Misérables

Directed by Tom Hooper | PG-13 | 158 min | 2012|

In 19th-century France, Jean Valjean, who for decades has been hunted by the ruthless policeman Javert after breaking parole, agrees to care for a factory worker's daughter. The decision changes their lives forever.

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Porgy and Bess

Directed by Otto Preminger, Rouben Mamoulian | N/A | 138 min | 1959|

In this legendary Gershwin opera set among the black residents of a fishing village in 1912 South Carolina, Bess - a woman with a disreputable history - tries to break free from her brutish...

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Directed by Tim Burton | R | 116 min | 2007|

The infamous story of Benjamin Barker, AKA Sweeney Todd, who sets up a barber shop down in London which is the basis for a sinister partnership with his fellow tenant, Mrs. Lovett. Based on the hit Broadway musical.

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The King and I

Directed by Walter Lang | 133 min | 1956|

A widow accepts a job as a live-in governess to the King of Siam's children.

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The Music Man

Directed by Morton DaCosta | 151 min | 1962|

Harold Hill poses as a boys' band leader to con naive Iowa townsfolk.

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With a Song in My Heart

Directed by Walter Lang | N/A | 117 min | 1952|

Jane Froman (Susan Hayward), an aspiring songstress, lands a job in radio with help from pianist Don Ross (David Wayne), whom she later marries. Jane's popularity soars, and she leaves on a...


Directed by Barbra Streisand | PG | 128 min | 1983|

A Jewish girl disguises herself as a boy to enter religious training.

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